Sunday, March 16, 2008

Life in America: Words from unprejudiced outsiderِ

The song is by the Rock legend Jimi Hendrix,

This is the land that tells all about human nature! America has it all...It is indeed a land of many colors and contrasts. I could see the whole world in it, simply because every culture seems to exist there but mixed in a unique blend and order.

America actually is a big challenge for outsiders to comprehend and digest its diversity. However if you are unbiased to any culture, it will be possible for you to get unabridged understanding and eventually you might see what it really is. But that's not all to it...America from within looks and behaves very much different from what you hear outside its boarder. So you must shake up some, if not all, of your views before you get there. Nobody has the time to argue with you and makes you understand his views. For that, you have to consider also that Americans have developed differently and in many ways they feel very proud or even egotistic about certain things, so don't argue but try to understand their mindset and why they have became what they are now.

Just like a child there I was, very much excited to get glimpses of everything; the good, the bad and the ugly sides as well. All that because I wasn't a regular tourist at that time...I actually was living there for a while and so I had the time and the opportunities to experience everyday life of average Americans. It is gonna be a long story to tell ...but I will do it soon anyway


بثينــــــة said...

Thanks God u still remember blogger password :)
ur view about America is very nice and different
u become somehow like ebn batoota ya ayaam :)
best wishes to u man

Ayyam said...

Hi 7elm...Good to hear from you>>..I do forget the password sometimes, but likely there are few of them which I keep circulating, so finally I hit the right one.
well I hope I will reflect on the reality more than what people like to hear..
Ibn batoota was a great traveler , I still love his journeys...Not only because they were great but sort of remind me my childhood and the days we use to look at the sea and remember some of its tales... 7akawi zaman el7lwah>>>

micheal said...

u r right apart from american policy

Ayyam said...

Hi Michael;
I wasn't really going to talk about any foreign policy but lives of ordinary people...However I agree, there are certain aspects that show a biased policy but then again we have to blame ourselves first for that...In reality, the foreign policies of nations, has very little to do with moral and justice issues...These are bunch of lines that politicians used to bluff people and get their way up..The real game is based more on unilateral and/or mutual benefits...In short we need to marsh toward developments..That way we will have a say and can have more friends than foes...

TAM said...
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TAM said...

As you said

amreicans just engaged with their daily life (systymatic one) but here we go through every thing so we will not developed as they did because there is no quality as you said at your previous post.

but please have a look at this.

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micheal said...

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